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CAMS Certification
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CAMS Online Training

The Anti-Money Laundering Association for the Career-Minded Professional

The CAMS exam is highly challenging and requires rigorous preparation. However, we understand that as a busy AML professional, you may find it difficult to fit studying into your daily duties.

With online training, you study effectively and efficiently at your own pace! Log in from anywhere in the world and even listen to the course as many times as you need. Can’t finish the course in one sitting? Simply log out and upon return, you can pick up where you left off. Choose to take the online course in English, Spanish or Arabic.

You don’t need to worry about the time away from the office (and the associated costs) of traveling to a live Preparation Seminar.

The interactive web-based course takes you through core content and subject areas of the exam in easy-to-understand terminology. You will receive sound instruction on:

  • Money laundering risks and methods, such as Black Market Peso Exchange, import and export price manipulation, etc.
  • The FATF Recommendations, the Basel Committee's report on Customer Due Diligence for Banks and Wolfsberg Group Principles.
  • Important elements of anti-money laundering programs, etc.
  • How to support and conduct a money laundering investigation.


Click here for online training in English.

Click here for online training in Arabic.

Click here for online training in Spanish.

Already have a login and password for the course? Click here to get started.

Start the certification process today and Download the candidate handbook.

Candidate Handbook

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